Own Label Deal

Own Label Deal

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Have your own label? Want your own Label?

Why not just concentrate on the music.

We will take the pressure off and handle the all label administration, marketing, production and distribution, which means that you can concentrate on the music.

A simple arrangement, where you keep control of your creative rights and 70% of income.

This is our ultimate service and is targeted directly at Artists that are serious about their career and who intend to make a difference.

You will need to have everything in place for this service to be effective and we can only work on something that we really believe in.

We have turned the traditional label deal on its head.

  • We are giving the Artist 70% royalties.
  • The Artist maintain all rights.
  • We Distribute, Sell and Promote.
  • We will help you with PR and Radio, Publishing, Distribution and Sales on both Digital and to Retail formats.
  • We will help you as an artist and can provide management services and help you setting up tours.


Why is there a cost:

We incur charges in up-ramping your digital products to the DDP's and there is a one-off Set-up fee for each Physical product line. [ Line Charge ]