Music Distribution ~ Physical

Music ~ Physical Distribution
Supplying Amazon, Indie Retailers, Major Retailers and exporters with Physical products around the world.
Specific Territories include;
UK, USA, Canada, Benelux, Germany, Italy Spain, Scandinavia, Japan, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. With territories like China and India opening soon.


We have a number of services including Major distribution but we suggest that we begin with an entry level service  that is designed specifically for Emerging Talent and is aimed at helping to initially establish an Artist.

You, as an Artist, will need to have everything in place for this service and we can only work on something that we really believe in.

A special service for Emerging Talent in the Indie, Rock, Punk and Metal Genres.

Enabling your CD's and Vinyl to become available to the Traditional Markets as well as listing with Amazon and HMV.

Unless previously arranged you will need to be able to supply Finished CD's / Vinyl to add to inventory stock.

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